Volume At Price - Not all prices are equal

Presented to very appreciative audiences in

  • Auckland (STANZ)
  • Canberra (ATAA)
  • Newcastle (ATAA)
  • Gold Coast (ATAA)
  • Perth (ATAA)
  • Kuala Lumpur (MATA)
  • Cairo (ESTA)
  • London (STA)
  • Hong Kong (CMT / Bloomberg)
  • Singapore (TASS)
  • Webinar (IFTA)
  • Webinar (CMT)

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STA Journal Article Sept 2017

My first journal article,  Stops Versus Call Options: Using Volume at Price to Illustrate the Point, that was published in the UK Technical Analysts' Society, the STA. This looks at the advantages of Long Calls vs Long Stock, using VAP in a practical sense.

pdf version

To read the full journal, click STA Logo.png .