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Options Trading with RoToR Payoff Diagrams (Level I)

Overview - What is the purpose of the programme?

This programme is our introductory programme to options. It looks at the fundamentals of options and how they can be utilised in basic trading strategies.

Audience - Who will benefit from attending this programme?

Investors and traders looking to begin using options to boost their financial returns should consider this as an excellent introduction to trading in options. It is our introductory programme and forms the basis of all our subsequent programmes and training.

Logistics - What are the programme timings and details?

The programme consists of

  • a 2 Day intensive face to face course.
  • Ad-hoc remote one to one training for a maximum of 15 hours over two months.

Group Course Duration:

2 days Group Face to Face training with two trainers and a maximum of 15 participants

Course Timings:

Session 1   9:00am - 10:30am

Morning Tea

Session 2   11:00am - 12:30pm


Session 3   1:30pm - 3:00pm

Afternoon Tea

Session 4   3:30pm - 5:00pm

Informal Session with Drinks

Lunch and Morning and Afternoon tea is included in the registration fee.

You are welcome to bring your own laptop, however to ensure there are no technical issues that are likely to affect your experience, this must be a PC, I.E. No Apple or Tablets

Pre-requisites - What is the expected underlying knowledge of participants?

The following are pre-requisites for participation in this programme. The pre-requisites will be strictly observed for the benefits of all participants.

  • Competent with a PC, including keyboard skills and basic file navigation
  • General understanding of investment and trading

To assist in ensuring that this programme is suitable for prospective participants, applicants are required to complete the pre-programme assessment. Application fees will not be processed if this has not been completed.

For any queries in relation to programme pre-requisites, please use the enquiry form under the Contact Us heading at the top of this page.

Outline - What will be covered in the programme?

The topics covered in this Programme include:

  1. Primary Option Strategies
  2. The Pricing of Options
  3. The RoToR Payoff Diagram
  4. Trading Options
  5. Secondary Option Strategies
  6. Technical Analysis for Options
  7. Final Assessment

Each module follows a similar format. A brief overview of the aim of the module, the basic concepts, some exercises to develop skills, followed by an end of module assessment.

Fees - What does the programme cost and include?

The programme cost is $2750 (GST Inclusive).

This includes;

  • A registered version of Amibroker Standard Version + Amiquote valued at $USD 378 (Approx $AUD 500)
  • The RoToR Payoff Diagram(R) addin for Amibroker
  • A full two day Course with two qualified instructors, with a strict limit of 15 participants per course.
  • Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea each day
  • Access to our Secure Content within our website.
  • A training manual with exercises and tools.
  • Online quizzes to check your progress throughout the course.

This may be tax-deductible depending on your circumstances. Please consult your accountant to verify.