Options: An Introduction using RoToR Payoff Diagrams® (CMT Manila)

Thursday 10th May.  5:30pm

Options are often misunderstood, misused and missed out in many trading and investing portfolios.

This frequently boils done to a misunderstanding of the behaviour of options in relation to the underlying instrument.

The RoToR Payoff Diagram® was specifically designed to deal with these issues, developed by an educator to enable traders to understand the risks and rewards of options trading from a Technical Analysts perspective.

Paul will demonstrate to the audience that options are not the monster they are portrayed to be!

Be prepared for an interactive and informative session.

Further information:

CMT Association

Contact: Nikki Yu

Email: nikki.yu@wealthsec.com

Venue: Venture Capital Cafe Don Chua Lamko Bldg. 100, L.P. Leviste corner Dela, Costa Streets
Salcedo Village Makati City, 8391392