So what's your troubles with Options! (CMT Puget Sound - Seattle)

Session Introduction
Options are often misperceived, misunderstood and misused in many trading and investing portfolios. Paul looks at the three stages in the options journey, and the issues surrounding each.

  • Perception
  • Education
  • Trading

Without effectively dealing with the issues surrounding the current stage, traders are unlikely going to progress successfully to the next stage. Paul will demonstrate to the audience that options are not the monster they are portrayed to be! Be prepared for an interactive and informative session.

Session Outline
Options Perception - Dealing with the myths

  • Most options expire worthless
  • Options are risky
  • Options are for expert traders
  • Options are complicated

Options Education

  • Is there an inherent problem with the way options are taught?
  • Do some who teach options suffer from the Curse of Knowledge?
  • How well does Technical Analysis and Options Trading integrate?

Options Trading

  • The 8 most common mistakes of options trading
  • Cognitive biases with options trading

Speaker Profile

Paul McLaren, the creator of the RoToR Payoff Diagram®, is the Managing Director of Enhance Your Options Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company specialising in options education and training. Paul is an entertaining and highly regarded speaker having delivered presentations in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, South-East Asia and New Zealand and presented global webinars for the CMT Association and IFTA. He also recently presented at the IFTA 2018 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and previously at the IFTA 2017 Conference in Milan, Italy.


7:00PM – 9:00PM

First Floor Conference Room
101 Elliott Ave W  (The old Seattle PI Building)
Seattle, WA 98119

If you would like to grab a bite or a beverage with other members ahead of the meeting, we’ll be at Buckley’s Queen Anne, 232 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119, just 3 blocks uphill from the meeting venue.

Registration is free for CMT Association Members and Non-Members.