Options Valuer: iPad App

Enhance Your Options®  is pleased to be able to offer you the following easy to use, options pricing tool for the price of $AUD29.99 incl GST*.

Options Valuer Graph
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Options Valuer: iPad App

Determine the theoretical price of any option based on the Black-Scholes model.

This version is designed for the Australian Stock Market with Option Expiry dates entered for both Shares and Index Futures, or calculate for any expiry date.

Choose between the following:

  • Puts or Calls
  • Shares or Futures
  • Weekly or Monthly Expiries
  • Continuous or Discrete Dividends

Instantly see how the option values are affected by dragging the Volatility and Underlying Price sliders.

Change the calculation date to see what the option will be worth at a future date.

Adjust for an upcoming dividend.

View the output in table or chart form, by simply dragging to the left or right.

Help text is provided in the application.

Once Only Fee:

$AUD 29.99 (GST Inclusive)    for residents of Australia                              $AUD 29.99 (GST Free)    for all other countries.

The GST amount applies only of residents of Australia. Enhance Your Options Pty Ltd may ask you to verify your residential address if it deems necessary.

The Process

Step 1: Purchase the app through the App Store on your iPad.

Step 1: Purchase the app through the App Store on your iPad.

Currently the app is only available through the App Store.